Our Program

The Retrouv’I program is a fun and empowering plan of action designed to support you in being your true self and living your best life

The program lasts two months and costs GBP 500. It includes:

  • Weekly online group coaching sessions 
  • Weekly material, including readings, meditations, recipes, challenges,… 
  • A private online coaching session

During these nine weeks, we will use the chakras system for a structured approach involving taking care of your mind, body and soul. The chakras are energy wheels, each linked to various emotions, organs and areas of your life. By using the chakras, we are tapping into ancient wisdom available around the world, while connecting to modern life and science. 

The chakras go from bottom to top, from roots to branches, allowing us to work through ourselves and gradually opening up our focus on ourselves, our relationships with others and our connection spirituality

Join a community of like-minded and supportive people, united by kindness and the willingness to learn, grow and pursue their dreams. 

The 7 Chakras

What people are saying

“Celine is a natural coach, with boundless empathy and practical solutions that have helped me tackle both my physical and mental health. Thanks to her sound advice, I have begun journaling, gaining a deeper understanding of my drive and motivations. Since working with her, I have not only become healthier, but have also chosen a career path that I am confident in and excited about. I highly recommend Celine to anyone looking to make meaningful and lasting improvements to their life.”

– Gabi

“Celine is a wonderful Health Coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
She listens attentively and her recommendations help me look at things from a different perspective. Celine is very inspiring as she leads her own life with intention, healthy habits, and with an empowered mindset.
Thanks to her accountability and support, I have a more positive mindset and feel more empowered in my holistic personal development.”

– Monica

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