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“Retrouv’I is about empowering you to reconnect with your full self: your body, your mind and your soul.

I am passionate about health and well being and I am bringing you my years of research and personal practices to support you every step of your journey to be who you want to be and live the life that you want.“

Celine Vadam – Founder

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“Celine is a natural coach, with boundless empathy and practical solutions that have helped me tackle both my physical and mental health. Thanks to her sound advice, I have begun journaling, gaining a deeper understanding of my drive and motivations. Since working with her, I have not only become healthier, but have also chosen a career path that I am confident in and excited about. I highly recommend Celine to anyone looking to make meaningful and lasting improvements to their life.”
Rome, Italy
“Celine is a wonderful Health Coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She listens attentively and her recommendations help me look at things from a different perspective. Celine is very inspiring as she leads her own life with intention, healthy habits, and with an empowered mindset. Thanks to her accountability and support, I have a more positive mindset and feel more empowered in my holistic personal development.”
London, UK
"Celine has a friendly yet professional approach with people, making them feel at ease while challenging them to see things with a new perspective. She's a multifaceted coach and strategic thinker with a sharp eye for details."
Milan, Italy

Let your dreams be your wings

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Retrouv’I provides programs, retreats and services based on the latest research in health, wellness, mindfulness, movement nutrition and self-improvement, empowering you to live a healthier, happier and fulfilled life.

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